Branding Photos + Why They're Important

Social media is a large part of business growth today, brand photography helps connect your potential clients to you and your brand which will help them associate and ultimately work with you! These include headshots, behind-the-scenes photos of you and so much more. Imagine having a folder full of gorgeous photos that truly represent you and your brand. Photos that show what you do, how you do it, and of course the YOU behind your business! You can pull images from your folder to update your profile photos, your website, create content for your social media and blog, email newsletters and signature and so much more. No more mediocre iPhone photos or stock images representing you and your brand.


Professional Headshot:

This is the #1 recommended and asked for when it comes to branding photos. As a business owner, you will use it across all of your social media accounts as your profile picture, perfect for thumbnails, business cards and so much more.


Keep the background simple, and make sure your outfit is a clear representation of how you want to be portrayed. Relax and smile.


Lifestyle Headshot:

These are not your traditional headshots. They show a little more of your personality and have a less "corporate feel" to them. Great for blogs, social media, websites, and emails, these kinds of shots will help connect you to your audience and let them get to know you!


Add your own personal touches, and let your personality shine through in this photo. It will help create the initial connection to potential clients.


Behind The Scenes:

These are necessary for personal branding sessions but are also a good addition to professional branding, it is a glimpse of what goes into the process of creating your product or service. It can be planning, setting up any equipment, shots of you working on your phone or computer. Whatever it is you do day to day that can be captured and shared with your audience to give a glimpse of what you do and how you do it.


Plan for the props you want to bring beforehand, make sure they are photo ready as well, clean and pretty. You will want to actually use them to capture authentic images and make them feel more real.


Product Images:

If you sell products or digital products, it is a great idea to add this to your branding photoshoot. Not only can these be used for your e-commerce page, but they make for great content to show what you sell on social media platforms that will direct potential clients to your website to purchase. If you are service based, having a photo of the tools or equipment you use is another great option.


Keep it simple. Flat lays are perfect for this, but you need to keep it clear on what the product is. Use a blank backdrop to make images able to easily remove the background.


Workplace + Workspace:

Clients want to know where they are going if they are coming to your business, photos of the exterior of the building are always a perk, it lets them have a little familiarity and comfortability before showing up. Also, workspace, clean off that laptop, desk, or work area, and take a pic of it. If you come to the studio for photos just set up a workspace, thank you Covid we all pretty much know what remote working is like :)


Product based businesses put some of your products in your space (aesthetically pleasing of course) and if you're service-based make sure to have tools that you use to provide the service in your space as well!


Marketing Material + Logo:

We all have a logo (or you should) and some of us even go as far as putting it on marketing material. Get some shots of it, a coffee mug with the logo, bags whatever it is. If you have invested your money into it why not capture it in an image. This is great to share for content and on your website. It shows potential clients that you are invested in yourself and your business and can create a sense of credibility.


I am not saying you have to order something with your logo on it. This is if you already have it! A cute flat lay with business

cards or your social pulled up on your computer or

phone is a great option as well!


Detail Shots:

These shots are great for all branding, can be used for content, website, blogs, proposals, and more. They are supposed to highlight the pretty details of your process or product by isolating and focusing on what's important. Simply put they are attractive images to draw your client in.


Pre plan the items or process you want to focus on. Remember we are zooming in on this one. if your hands are in it make sure your nails are looking fresh to death, if we are capturing a product make sure it is the best of the batch (yes, they are all perfect but find the best one here)



What sets you apart from your competitors? This is where you can be, you. What are your hobbies or interests how can that be portrayed through an image, what do you want your potential clients to know about you, and how can they connect to you, that's what we want to capture.


Don't think too deeply into it. And keep it you, sometimes we overthink and make ourselves mold into what we think we need to be to fit into the stereotype for the business we are in. Well guess what, most likely you aren't the only one doing it so let the right clients connect with you, and by showing more of your personality will allow that personal connection.


Brand photography sets a stunning first impression, increases engagement, + makes your brand relatable and more human. What are other branding photos are must haves for you and your brand that I haven't listed here?!

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